Getting started

How do I get started?

Pay your membership fee when the invoice is sent to you. After that you automatically get booking rights to crew spots on any boat. If for some reason you are haven’t received the invoice or boat booking rights send an email to, but do check your email spam folder first!

If you are unsure about what boat to start with or your skill level, the Laser 16 is a good first choice to practice with even for the more experienced sailors.

Join our members’ Facebook group to find crew spots, communicate with other members and to keep up-to-date about what’s happening at the Center!

Boat booking

Booking boats starts in the spring when the boats are in the water, so don’t get ahead of yourself if the season has not started yet. Once you get the login info for the booking system you will see that it is pretty easy to use.

  • On the top left is the selector for boat type.
  • click on the day and time of your choosing and make a booking
  • once you are done, you will return to the calendar view, on the top there is a menu. Under reports you can see your boat use and skippers can see a list of any unfilled reports.
  • observe the rules for booking a spot in the training and remember to fill in the after sailing report!

Membership and ferry card

You have to collect the membership card from the HSS office (in front of the ferry pier on the island) yourself. Click here to check the opening times. Bring proof of Sailing Center payment. You need the card to use the ferry for free. If you have the card from last year, you should reactivate it at the office.

If you are new member you should call or email the office before collecting the card. Tell that you are new member and need the card. Then you will be informed by the office when you can collect your membership card.

I want to sail/race more, how?

  • All classes: If you don’t yet have skipper rights find someone who does. Go out on your own or with a partner boat and practise! This is often the best kind of training!
  • Laser 16: Gather a team or join as a crew to take part in the Wednesday races.
  • 606: Gather a team or join a team and race on Wednesdays or races outside HSS (trailers available for boat transfer).
  • Elliott 6m: Gather a team or join a team and sign up for the Center Cup series.
  • SM40: Sign up for the SM40 series at our website “Events”.
  • Other match races in Finland and Estonia:

Ask your trainers and fellow racers for more info on racing.