Audi HSS Sailing Center member Juha Haanperä shot and edited some great videos of the season 2011 activities. Impressive work by Juha and great memories!

Elliot 6 from Juha Haanperä on Vimeo.

The video below is from a Match Racing technique course held at HSS during autumn 2011.

Technique course from Juha Haanperä on Vimeo.

The Match Race Center has 2 Swedish Match 40 (SM40) boats that are available for all our members.

SM40 evening sailing from Juha Haanperä on Vimeo.

Why we love to race sailboats – be it fleet racing or match racing? Check out this excitement and adrenaline.

If this video gets your blood pumping and you want some of this action then match racing definitely needs to be a part of your sailing.

What is Match Racing?