Crew/skipper finder

Looking for crew? Looking to join an existing team? Or maybe you want to form a new one? You’ve come to the right place!

Fill in this form or check the existing responses and contact other seekers directly. You can fill this form even if you are not a HSS Sailing Center member, for example if you are an advanced sailor who’d like to jump straight into an Elliott or SM40 team. Or maybe you sail some other class and would like to invite SC members to join you.

At the beginning of season the form will include the option “I’m interested in meeting other seekers on 12.4. 2014″. Please tick this if you’d like to meet others on the mentioned day.  This is right after the Boats into Water talkoo. Meeting spot still undecided but could be for example Carusel, HSS club room or any of the cafes/restaurants nearby.