Coached training

Different types of training available

During the season there are around 16-17 weeks of training with an instructor. Instructed weekly trainings are included in the price of the membership. There are three different trainings per week. You are advised to pick the one best suited to your skill level and interests to start with, but of course you can and should occasionally train with other boats too.

For the season 2017, there will be three types of trainings. You can find more detailed information on the trainings and instructions for Laser 16 and 606 below.

  • Laser 16 / Mondays: learning to sail and perfecting basic maneuvers and boat speed as well as basics of racing. More information on the L16 trainings: ENGLISHL16Green2017
  • 606 / Tuesdays: more advanced training, learn and develop boat speed, fleet racing skills and tactics. Depending of the group, both L16 and 606 may go out at the same time, or the trainings will alternate between the two types of boat. More information on the 606 trainings: ENGLISH606Blue2017
  • Elliott 6m / Thursdays: more advanced training, learn and develop match racing skills and tactics

The trainings start in week 18 in May 2016.

The SM40s do not go out in regular trainings but they may be used for more advanced match racing skills and tactics, developing team work with crew of 5-6. These sessions will be separately agreed.

Fleet racers benefit from match racing and match racers benefit from fleet racers so it is highly recommended you try both once you master the basic skills of sailing!

Booking a spot and rules for the training

Check the Boat Booking page.

Other training possibilities

In addition to weekly trainings there are also other instructed trainings available. These take place mainly as weekend courses (see calendar). Two types of weekend courses have been scheduled so far 1) beginner introductions to sailing and 2) match racing introduction. Updated information is made available in due course.

We have plenty of cooperation efforts with the NJK match race center. During the season there might be opportunities to sail their J80-boats. Follow our Facebook group for further information. Also the NJK SC Facebook page is available.

If you and your team want additional training, ask the coaches. They are happy to provide private or small group training.