Boat booking

Before going out sailing, it is necessary for sailors to book a boat or to book a place in a boat.

To participate in the instructed training, you need to have booked a place from the booking system.

  • For Laser 16 book a place in the boats booked by “TRA”.
  • For 606 and Elliott skippers book a boat for the time of training and crew can be added by skipper or if there are crew spots left, you can book yourself into the boat.
  • For SM40 the bookings have been done by “MRC” and participating skippers and their teams have been given separate instructions.

To ensure everyone has an equal chance in participating in the weekly trainings book yourself only in two trainings at any one given time (ie don’t go and book yourself to every Thursday Elliott training for the rest of the year at the beginning of the season).

Take part in one training session per week in general. If there are not many boats booked, you can book yourself in a second training on another day that week if you wish, but please be courteous and give way if the boats become more booked and others wish to book a place.

If you book a place in training, attend in that training. Don’t ever pull a no show and don’t cancel your booking less than 48 hours before training. This applies both to booking a boat as it does to booking yourself as a crew member on a boat.

  • Firstly, cancelling participation as crew means the other crew members can’t sail either – you can’t sail a boat without the needed amount of crew.
  • Secondly, cancelling a boat means that boat is not likely going to be booked and especially in match racing (where it is one boat against another) this is a problem.

Of course there are times when there is some sort of emergency at home or at work and you must cancel, but it is your job to find a replacement – pick up the phone and start calling for a replacement, and don’t stop until you either find one or you have done everything possible to find one. Phone numbers for all members can be found in the booking system.

Show up on time, in gear and ready to go. If training starts at eg 17.40, it means you have to be dressed in your gear and the boat has to be ready to sail. For most of the season all trainings start at 17.40. From 15.9. onward trainings start at 17.00, because it gets dark sooner.

Life jackets and swimming ability are required.

If you have forgotten your log-in credentials, please search for them from last year in you emails, but if you still can’t find them drop a message to Dominik at New members will get their booking rights after paying the membership fee.

Remember to pay for your membership before you book anything!