Sailing Season 2016 kicks off at the Center

Why is it worth spending time in a country with practically no sunlight for half of the year? Because you can spend the other half of the year sailing! (Well. We did sail during the winter too. Evidence here. But you know what we mean.) May is around the corner and this means that the new season is beginning at the Sailing Center!

Training schedule in summer 2016

There will be three different types of training at the Center this summer:

Monday: Laser 16 training from beginner level onwards (first training May 2)

Tuesday: Joint L16 & 606 fleet race training for more advanced sailors (first training May 3)

Thursday: Match race training with Elliotts (first training May 12)

The Monday and Tuesday trainings will be focused on boat handling, maneuvers and fleet race tactics. The Thursday trainings will be focusing on match racing tactics and teamwork.

Races and competitions for all levels

Wednesday races at the club level at HSS will be running again this summer. This is a great opportunity to join other boats of the club in a friendly fleet race. All sailing center boat classes are welcome and encouraged to participate. Also, volunteering to help organize the Wednesday races is a great way to learn more about sail racing.

Last season, Friday fun races were also organized by SC volunteers to end the week with a relaxed race and after-sail. That tradition will be probably continued this season too!

Teams from the Sailing Center will be participating in many other races throughout the season organized at HSS, throughout Finland and further abroad. There is also a match race Center Cup in planning for this season, so plenty of opportunities in both fleet and match racing for sailors of all levels!