Sailing season 2013 is here

It’s time to kick-off season 2013 for Audi HSS Sailing Center! As we cater to both match racing and fleet racing we have renamed ourselves: what was previously Audi HSS Match Race Center is now Audi HSS Sailing Center, or SC for short.”

To keep up with the latest info and discussions follow what happens in Facebook. Our fan-page is here: and a group for all our members is here:

Basic info about the Sailing Center and how things work has been gathered here:

The schedule for the whole of season 2013 is now ready, so start making reservations in your calendar booking system for boats will be launched closer to the start of the season, so don’t book boats yet.

A few upcoming events from the calendar: free open lectures on racing and tactics (note that tomorrow’s lecture 19.3. has been cancelled, so the first one is on 26.3.), an umpirecourse, and a free try out day for all our boats. See

Membership invoicing will be sent to you in a few days if you are an existing member (if you wish to join us Prices are the same as last year Note that there is no beginner/match race programs, just different fleets which you can utilize according to your interests and level of sailing. If you wish to cancel your membership please let us know here:

Match racing Elliott Center Cups will be starting soon after the boats are in the water, sign up by 26.4.

There is a new match racing program for the SM40s. Check it out here:

Looking for team members to sail with? Join us at the single sailor’s night on 9.4.

If you have friends interested in joining us as members, ask them to put you as a referrer in the membership request form. We will be setting up a referral rewards system of some sort – more info on this soon. Forward the membership form to your friends:

Remember that if you don’t wish to pay 180 euros extra for membership you need to participate in 3 talkoo-events (“Talkoo” is Finnish for voluntary). This year’s talkoo-events are listed here

Our website has a new address too

Are you interested in helping us out with the member communications for the Sailing Center? Or perhaps something else? If you are, let me know 0440740078 or

Best regards,
Audi HSS Sailing Center, chairman