Pricing changes for membership

We have some bad news (but fortunately some good news too). Having been more prepared than ever for the season with thorough planning and almost everything set to go long before the ice has melted, it’s a big upset for us to have to alter the membership pricing at the last minute. The plan was to price membership according to age and thus, in reality, decrease the membership price from last year for most members. Due to the fact that the slow economy has cut sponsorships quite dramatically, we have been forced to re-evaluate the budget and change pricing back to resemble last year’s prices. For the season of 2013 the membership price for Audi HSS Sailing Center will be 515 euros for all members. In effect this is the same price as last year and again, in addition to the Sailing Center membership, it includes HSS membership and the ferry fee (see

New members, once again, sorry for this quite embarrassing pricing change and we hope to see you as our member despite this. Old members, our apologies also for the unclear HSS membership billing in January. If you have already paid for that HSS membership, we will take this into account as the Sailing Center membership includes HSS membership – please deduct the payment you have made for the HSS membership from the 515 euro invoice when you receive it.

To aid the effort to balance the budget we aim to increase our amount of members – after all, with a fleet of 22 boats we have plenty of room for more sailors. In this effort to get more like minded racers to join us we are extending a referral incentive: if you get 3 new members to join the Audi HSS Sailing Center for the 2013 season and get them to mark you as the referrer on the membership request form (, you will get a referrer award of 100 euros. It’s up to you if you keep it to yourself for the effort or share it with the three friends of yours. Those of you that are new members, if you didn’t realize to put a name in that field, let us know and we’ll try to fix the situation.

If you have any questions regarding these please don’t hesitate to ask:

Best regards,
the Sailing Center committee