New – Discussion Forums online!

Our new HSS MRC discussion forums are online – your place to exchange all kinds of MRC related information with your fellow sailors and the MRC committee. From seafarers’ tales to race tactics and boat care discussions.

Please click here to open the new forums:

In order to log in, please use your full name just as you’d normally write it, i.e. “<First name> <Last name>” with a space. Your password is your password from the MRC booking system.

If you prefer to have the forum look and feel to be in your language, go to the user control panel (click the link in the top left), and then switch to board prefences. Then select your language from the drop down field “My Language”.

If you’d like to get notified about new posts in one of the forums, open the forum and click on the “Subscribe forum” in the lower left corner:

See you there!