Laser 16 training moved

We had to move the Laser16 training from Monday to Friday. This is because of the schedules of our coaches. We now have, like last year Ville Väresmaa and Pasi Palmu for the 606s, Elliotts and SM40s. And we are happy announce Nicke Borenius for the Laser16s. Nicke has been coaching our Laser 16 sailors earlier also and got a lot of great feedback so we’re happy to have him back! The new weekly program

  • Mondays: Elliot 6m Center Cup Races.
  • Tuesdays: 606. Fleet racing tactics and boat speed.
  • Wednesdays: HSS Wednesday race, all boat classes and skill levels welcome. Food, drinks and socializing afterwards.
  • Thursday: Elliott 6m. Match racing tactics and boat handling.
  • Fridays: Separate SM40 training and races for more experienced match race teams.
  • Fridays: Laser 16. Boat handling and maneuvers: an easy way to enter the world of sailing, even with little or no sailing experience.

Get excited for the new season!