Juho Karhu new Audi HSS Sailing Center Manager

Juho Karhu is starting as the AUDI HSS Sailing Center Manager in April. Juho has been an active member and is already a familiar face in the Center. He will start orienting to the job while still on the other side of the globe in Australia.

Juho an active sailor and a long time-member of HSS and has been with the Center already when there was a separate TRC for Laser16’s and also in Match Race Center. The Center Manager will coordinate Sailing Center’s courses, weekly trainings, boat maintenance, volunteer activities, races and events. In addition to this the tasks include member recruitment and management, contacts with the other HSS committees and corporate cooperation of the Center.

The Center will still remain a volunteer-run organization with voluntary talkoo work being the main driving force behind it. But with Center Manager we get much needed help and improvement in serving our members and in running our Center. “My job will be to try and make things run smoother and make life and sailing at the Center easier for us all.” Juho says.

Congratulations and welcome!