FULLY BOOKED: Icebreaker center cup – SM 40 – 20th of October @HSS MRC.

HSS Match race center welcomes teams to the last but not least event of the season. The goal of this match race event is to have heaps of fun and say goodbye to the sailing season when the wind turns cold and the snow starts to fly. We are having also end of season party so keep tuned for the invitation. Brief introduction to the SM 40 fleet -> https://vimeo.com/26061418 . Event also in FB -> http://www.facebook.com/events/401631113228392 .

Note: Race is fully booked now. No more registrations please. Attending teams are:

Team Keräilyerä, skipper Susanna Kukkonen.
Team Rekonen, Skipper Rekonen Matti-Pekka.
Team Öhman, Skipper Sam Öhman.
Team Laikka, Skipper Lauri Kääpä
Team Navy1, Skipper Eki Heinonen.
Team Normet Match Race Team, Skipper Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi.

HSS Match race center. Our official website is http://www.audimatchrace.fi . Ferry timetable in October can be found here http://www.audimatchrace.fi/images/HSS-Timetable_0110-31102012.pdf .


Pairing list can be found here https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B5oExx8-4YDcSUVmWVFRUGdXZXc .

The event will be applied for ISAF Grade 5. This grading is subject to review by the ISAF Match Race Rankings Sub Committee. The events may be re-graded when there is clear reason to do so.

3.1 (a) Race office is open on race day from 8:00 until the skippers meeting.
(b) Registration at the race office which is open as described in 4.1 (a)
(c) Briefing at 9:00 on racing day in HSS West-shed.
(d) First meeting with umpires following the first briefing.
(e) Time of the first warning signal will be 10:30
(f) Time of the last warning signal on Saturday will be 16:30.
(g) Prize giving : as soon as possible after the last race.


(a) Up to 6 teams will be invited for this event. Only skippers invited by the OA will be eligible to enter these events.
(b) The registered skipper shall helm the boat at all times while racing, except in an emergency, when anyone else may helm the boat.
(c) To remain eligible a skipper shall confirm acceptance of invitation in writing, (e-mail to juha@juhahaanpera.com is acceptable) to be received by the 1st of October 2012.

5. Entry Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of 100 Euros shall be paid in advance which covers entry into the events. The deadline for receiving payment into organizer account is 1st of October 2012

6. Damage deposit

(a) The skipper shall have a valid damage deposit of 800 Euros submitted (cash) at the latest upon registration, unless extended by the OA. Skippers have signed and send deposit form before race. Deposit form can be found here -> http://www.audimatchrace.fi/documents/DepositFormEnglish.pdf .


(a) The event will be sailed in SM 40 type boats.

(b) 4 boats will be provided.

(c) The following sails will be provided for each boat:
Mainsail, Jib, Genoa, asymmetric Spinnaker.

(d) Boats will be allocated by draw as decided by the Race Committee.


(a) The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be 4 or 5. All registered crew shall sail all races. When a registered crew member is unable to continue in the event the OA may authorise a substitute, a temporary substitute or other adjustment.


(a) The event will consist of the following stages for event day:

Stage 1 –Round Robin, depending on the number of registered competitors
Stage 2 – Semi – Final
Stage 3 – Final, Petit Final
– Finals where the winner is the skipper who first scores 2 point
– Petit Finals where the winner is the skipper first to score 1 point


(a) The course will be windward/leeward with starboard roundings, finishing downwind.

(b) The intended course area will be right outside the of the HSS Liuskasaari.

11. End of season party

HSS match race center is celebrating the sailing season 2012. Here’s the invitation -> https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B5oExx8-4YDcQjJHcURFODRXR0E . In order for us to arrange the optimal party experience for you, please help us by registering ahead of time. Please sign up as soon as possible and no later than Saturday, October 13th.

12. Sauna

Sauna is also warn after the race so take your bathing gear along.

More info about the event juha@juhahaanpera.com, or +358505509006.


1. Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi 4p

2. Eki Heinonen 3p

3. Lauri Kääpä 3p

4. Susanna Kukkonen 3p

5. Sam Öhman 2 p

6. Matti Rekonen 0p

HSS MRC Elliott End of Season Race

Date: Saturday 6 October

Place: HSS, Liuskasaari

The race is open to all; men/women, HSS MRC members/non-members.
Maximum number of participants is 8 teams.

If there is more teams wanting to participate than 8, then we use limits of 6-7 HSS teams and 1-2 NJK (or other) teams. We will apply these limits with first come first serve -principle, while reserving the right to use discretion based on the ISAF-ranking of the team, and on how actively the team has participated in the maintenance and other activities related to the HSS Elliott fleet.

Weight limit: 262,5 kg (the number of crew is open)
Boats: 6 Elliott 6m boats

The competitors will organize and referee the race themselves.

Fee: 100 euro to be paid in cash at the skippers’ meeting. If the crew is not present, the fee is payable anyways (we know where you live, and if we don’t, we’ll find out).

The invitation to the event has to be requested the latest by 1st October,
by sending mail to juuso.leivonen(at)gmail.com

The list of participants will be published on Wed 3rd October.
The programme:


  • Over to Skifferholmen


  • Skippers’ meeting


  • Half of teams to rig the boats
  • Buoy crew to take out buoys
  • Starting vessel crew to set up starting vessel
  • Referees to set up their boats


  • 1st start


  • Last start


  • Boats back on docks
  • Elliott cleaning
  • Starting vessel crew cleaning vessel
  • Last referees to gas and clean ref boats


  • Sauna


  • Sun sets


  • Pizza, beer and good excuses

The format of the race is a full round robin if 6-7 teams. If 8 teams, the teams will be divided in two groups and the best two of groups will sail RR two. Places 5 and 7 will be sailed in the 10th flight of the day.

For more information: Juuso Leivonen, juuso.leivonen(at)gmail.com


The Wednesday evening racing tradition started before World War II. Every season there has been racing on Wednesday evening, and socializing afterwards. This year the tradition starts on the 6th of June.

We want to fill as many boats as possible to go out in friendly racing. The skippers meeting is at 5 pm, start after 6 pm. The real winners are the ones that have the best stories of their performance after racing. One can eat dinner in the restaurant (HSS discount) or a minimum is to refuel with liquid (leave the car at home).

Note that SM 40 training and Elliott match racing training will be at the same time, so the rest of the members should book Laser 16 and 606.

The general HSS Wednesday evening racing is on the 6th and 13th of June and continues in August. If there is interest in the racing, we can continue with Wednesday races after the 13th of June.

Elliott Center Cups 2012 to start in August

Many people have hoped for more racing activity at HSS Match Race Center and therefore we have taken the initiative to start an Elliott Center Cup series. The idea is to have a total of 5 evening races during 2012, where the teams will compete for the victory of the series but skipper’s will also gain normal ISAF ranking points. The first cup is planned to August 16th.

Teams taking part in the series are also required to take on responsibility for organizing one of the evening cups. We know that not all teams are that experienced, but please don’t get frightened about having to organize a cup yourself, there will for sure be help available from more experienced teams. This is also an excellent chance for new teams to develop their racing skills in a “safe” environment.

So, gather together your team and sign up for the cup not later than June 30th!

Below you can find details about the Enrollment procedures, Center Cup dates, Racing time table, ISAF sailor ID registration, Race organizing and support material available. A more detailed briefing about how to organize center cups will also be given after the racing of the first Center Cup evening on August 16th. However, if you at this point have any questions you can contact nina.rammschmidt(a)gmail.com.

Since this is all new to the HSS Match Race Center we hope people have patience and understanding if not everything will be perfect from the start.

Looking forward to the season’s racing! // Team Ramm-Schmidt

Enrollment to the HSS Center Cup series

All teams interested to participate in the HSS Center Cup series please send an e-mail to nina.rammschmidt(a)gmail.com with the following information (only one enrollment e-mail per team) not later than June 30th:

Skipper and team member names
Skipper’s ISAF ID number (see instructions below)
Are any of the suggested dates inconvenient for you?
Teams registered for the Center Cups will then be informed about which dates they will sail and which cup they will be responsible for organizing. Administration will make sure that the Elliott boats and motorboats are booked for the Center Cup evenings. Note! Schedule is subject to change if we do not get enough teams or if eg. motorboats are not available at these particular dates.

A minimum of 6 teams are required in order to get the Center Cup series up and running. Depending on the total amount of teams participating in the series, the number of racing evenings for the teams might vary. This means that your team might still be able to take part in the series even if not all dates are convenient (given that we have more than 6 teams participating in the series).

Center Cup Dates (preliminary)

  • Thursday 16.8 (Team Ramm-Schmidt responsible for the arrangements)
  • Thursday 23.8
  • Thursday 30.8
  • Sunday 16.9

Time table for evening cups

  • 17:00 Skipper’s meeting
  • 17:53 Course is ready + F-flag
  • 18:00 First start
  • ~20:30 End briefing if needed

ISAF sailor ID registration

Go to http://www.sailing.org/
In the top right of the page, there’s a registration link
Fill in your personal details
There are quite a few questions related to your sailing career. Be careful to not to give the impression that you’re a pro!
Submit your registration

Race organizing and support material available

Since the Center Cups will be Grade 5 competitions and included in ISAF world ranking system (Skipper’s can earn points and obtain a world ranking position), there are certain requirements for race organizing that has to be followed. In order to make this process as smooth as possible for the participating teams, we are creating a concept for the HSS Center Cups including a package of support material, more detailed instructions, checklists, paring list tool etc. Part of all this is still under development but the package will be distributed to the teams participating in the series / posted online as soon as possible.

Hanko Regatta 2012 with SM40’s in 6.-8.7.2012

Hanko Regatta is getting closer, make sure that you participate! To constitute a class in Hanko we need all four SM 40’s from NJK and HSS with approximately 20 crew members altogether, including four skippers in total. The plan is to participate in fleet races of our own (SM40) class.

The Regatta occurs on 6.-8.7.2012. There are races on each day and we hope the crew members are able to participate for the whole weekend.

The boats need to be transferred to Hanko with minimum two skippers per boat. The boats will start from HSS on Wednesday 4th at 10 am, and from NJK at 10.30 am. The trip to Hanko is approximately 70 miles and will take two days. Since splitting the transferring into Wednesday and Thursday, the trip includes an overnight stop on HSS island Andö.

Please confirm together with the enrollment, if you are able to take part in the transportation and sail with SM40’s to Hanko.

Sign up for the Regatta quickly!

To participate Hanko Regatta, please send an e-mail to katri.lehtela(at)deloitte.fi or prahikka(at)gmail.com. In addition all skippers needs to fill up a register form on Hanko regatta webpage http://www.hangoregattan.fi/?q=node/add/registerform. The entries have to be made by the skippers latest 2.7. for all boats (if someone is late the project is buried).

Looking forward to seeing you in great sailing event and festival!

People who have shown interest

Below is a list of 14 HSS MRC members who have shown interest in participating.

Rob Broekman – Skipper transport and Racing
Tusse Tallberg – Skipper transport and Racing
Juha Haanperä – Skipper transport and Racing
Pia Oksanen
Nea Leinonen
Arron Higgins
Henna Holopainen
Teemu Pöyhönen
Jukka Hyytiä
Aleksi Simonen
Piia Rahikka
Ilkka Niiranen
Katri Lehtelä
Ulla Paatola

Costs of the Regatta

The teams are sharing the boat rent 400 € (charged by NJK and HSS MRC) + Entry fee 130 €. The possible self-risk (NJK boats 2000 € HSS 1200 €) have to be agreed on.

Proposed time table

Wednesday July 4th, at 10 am
-Start from HSS 2 boats, 10.30 from NJK
-Stop at HSS island Andö Aprox 35 M
Thursday July 5th
-Sailing Andö – Hanko Aprox 30 M
Friday July 6th
-Racing, Partying
Saturday July 7th
-Racing, Partying
Sunday July 8th
-Racing, Partying
-Sailing to NJK, Munkshamn 17 M from Hanko (or Andö)
Monday July 9th
-Sailing Munkshamn (Andö) – Helsinki 50 M

More information about Hanko Regatta



There are still rooms available in Villa Garbo (Tel. +358-40-542 1732), where some of us are staying over the weekend. It is also possible to stay over the night on the boats with tents and mattresses.