Season 2016 at the Sailing Center

The sea may be still partly covered in ice, but planning for the Sailing Center’s season 2016 is well underway.

Before the season kicks off, there will be lectures on race tactics, team work, and boat handling. Check back for more information soon!

The Center boats will be put into the water during April and May, as soon as the weather allows. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet the sailing center members and learn about the boats.

In May a try-out day will be arranged at Liuskasaari for those interested in joining the Sailing Center. The day has been very popular and spots are limited, so stay tuned!

Coached trainings will start by June for all boat classes and the first races will be held already in May. For the 606s, the season’s ranking fleet races will kick off with the HSS Spring Cup on 28-29 May.

See you on the water!

Boxing day 2015 1

Boxing Day Race in sunny weather

The already traditional Boxing Day Race was sailed at the HSS Sailing Center on the 26th of December. This year the participants were treated with a beautiful, sunny day, with gusty and at times strong wind. Altogether 15 sailors participated, and several organizers helped make the race happen.

The competition was sailed with the Laser 16 boats as a match race, with two boats competing against each other at a time. There were some very close matches, and the shifting wind conditions kept the sailors alert at all times… The day provided entertainment not only to the participants, but also to the crowd watching from the shore! All matches were done by sunset, and the sailors and organizers were rewarded – naturally – by a warm sauna afterwards.

Boxing day 2

Photos: Fredrik Vaahtokari


Moët & Chandon Match Cup results & video

This year’s Champagne Match Cup was sailed as part of the HSS Champagne Regatta. The event attracted over 500 visitors to the island offered spectacular racing right in front of Liuskasaari.

 video: Igor & Julia

Thanks to all our volunteers and their efforts The Match Cup itself was a great success and despite light and shifty winds the Racing Committee managed to run a full round robin and finals. On Saturday the competitors enjoyed a nice meal and drinks in the Western Shed.  Thanks go to our chief race officer Jerry Hultin and Anton Tuomisalo & Fredrika Kuuskoski for running the show and special thanks to all the umpires: Michael Röllich, Susanne Kuusansalo, Pekka Nuutilainen, Ville Niskanen & Eero Palomäki.

The results:

1. Tallberg
2. Kääpä
3. Knip
4. Laaksonen
5. Baraev
6. Kääriä
7. Karhu
8. Köchert
9. Swanson
10. Tuomisalo

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (kansi) Esko Kilpi

Sailing Center participated in Hanko Regatta 2014

cover photo by Esko Kilpi


Audi HSS Sailing Center participated in Hanko Regatta 2014 with two SM40 and three 606 boats. The results are found at


The first day at Hanko Regatta started with perfect weather conditions, sunshine and 5m/s wind which rise up to 8m/s during the second start.


A cold damp mist rose up from the water on Saturday morning forcing the race committee  to postpone the start. Eventually the AP flag came down and all boats headed to the race courses. Unfortunately half of the boats had to return because of the mist and lack of wind. The mist became even tighter and the wind died totally so after one start the other  half of the boats had to be towed to the harbor.

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (1)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (2) Esko Kilpiphoto by Esko Kilpi

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (4) photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (5)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (6)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (7)photo by Susanna Lumme

The main pier in the harbor was filled with celebrating people as the traditional masquerade between Audi HSS Sailing Center and NJK was in full steam. And for the first time in history the challenge trophy from Hanko Regatta will be spending the year at Audi HSS Sailing Center thanks to the Nunns and Monks of Team Kääriä.

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (8) Erik Lähteenmäki

photo by Erik Lähteenmäki

The congregation


The final day at the Hanko Regatta was sunny and windy. Because of the hard wind 6mR and 8mR classes did not sail at all on Sunday. All other classes were out enjoying the sunny but demanding sailing conditions.

Sunnuntai 6.7.2014 Esko Kilpiphoto by Esko Kilpi


Check more photos:

kuva a

Sailing Center runs new races this summer!

Audi HSS Sailing Center is hosting two new races this summer. The SM40 G5 Helatorstai Race on Thursday, May 29th and Jacquart Match Cup 2014 on 9.-10.8.2014.


SM40 G5 Helatorstai Race

SM40 G5 Helatorstai Race will be sailed with SM40s on Thursday 29th May. Request invitation by commenting in FB-event or emailing


Jacquart Match Cup 2014

Sailing Center is organizing a parallel race “Jacquart Match Cup 2014” to the fourth edition of the Champagne Regatta “The Jacquart Baltic Classic Master Cup 2014”.


The Jacquart Match Cup 2014 will be sailed with Elliots and the Match Race area is right outside of the HSS clubhouse in front of enthusiastic spectators. The regatta dates are Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of August.

Please join us for a spectacular race and parties – with Champagne!


More information on both races in Facebook and on Events page.


Weekly Wednesday Races 2014

The Wednesday evening racing tradition started at HSS before the World War II. We want to fill as many boats as possible to go out in friendly racing.

Last fall we had a great interest on these races with especially L16 and 606 classes. In 2014 we will draw also the Elliotts and SM40s in. The race will be organized together with the classic boats and club committee, ensuring eye candy such as 8 meters and 6 meters on the same starting line with us. There will also be a regular BBQ party and drinks afterwards.

There will be a class specific Wednesday race ranking, but Wednesdays are all about socializing and the real winners are the ones that have the best stories of their performance after racing! Some of the races will be held in sprint (short course) format while others will have longer courses. Especially the latter is also good practise also for experienced match racers as wind shifts and big scale tactics play a bigger role compared to maneuvers.

We also invite 606s from neighbouring clubs to join in! Skipper’s meeting can be done via phone and you’re more than welcome to join us for the after sail party too.

More information, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be coming to the Events page before the beginning of season. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified instantly when this happens.


Match Race Center Cups 2014

The Match Race Center Cups will start on May 5 and run through the summer. The amount of Center Cups has been increased to 10 to allow for increased number of races per team. The Center Cups will mostly be sailed with Elliots but an occasional 606 Center Cup will be held also.  The Center Cups will be organized in the same way as previous seasons with the teams acting as umpires and race committee when not sailing.

All dates are already up on the Events page. NoR and additional information will be published closer to the season.

Skiffer Match Racing Open Nationals

This year Audi HSS Sailing Center has the honor of organizing the 2013 Match Racing Open National Championships on 6.-8.9.

Notice of Race:

Facebook event

On Saturday 7.9., a spectator area will be arranged up close to the action in / south of the western shed at HSS. Hot grill and cold drinks! Racing starts at 11 am and lasts as long as it takes to complete the round robin. Live coverage of the race with real-time results. Come and watch the nation’s best in action and see what match racing is all about.

The SM40 program in 2013

For the upcoming season the SM40 program will be altered from previous seasons. There will be no regular weekly training for SM40:s as the boats will be geared more towards more skilled match racers – after all, it is a boat desined by the legendary Swedish designer Pelle Petterson, who designed and helmed Sweden’s Sverige challengers for the America’s Cup in 1977 and 1980.

The idea is to gather up 4-8 SM40 teams from HSS and NJK to train for and compete in two competitions during the season. The comptitions will be organized in cooperation with the participating teams (similar to how the Elliott end of season races have been organized). In the spring, there will be coached training sessions at HSS on Fridays: 17.5., 24.5., and 31.5. and a race day on Saturday 1.6. In autumn there will coached training sessions at Valkosaari on Fridays 16.8., 23.8., and 30.8 and a race day on Saturday 31.8.

Gather up a team of 5-6 sailors eg. by combining two Elliott teams and sign up for the SM40 racing season! For HSS SC members and NJK MRC members the price is 200 euros per participating SM40 team and it includes trainings and races. All members have the right to use the SM40 boats outside these trainings, SM40 skipper rights can be applied for when the season starts.

Elliott Center Cup Series 2013

UPDATE 24.4.2013: The center cup series is now full as 12 teams have already signed up.


The sailing season is approaching rapidly, so now it’s time to gather your Elliott match racing team and sign up for the Center Cup Series. The series is made up of a total of six races, two in the spring and four in the autumn. Teams will compete for the victory of the series but skipper’s will also gain normal ISAF Grade5 ranking points for each race. The concept for the Center Cup is that all teams participating in the series are also required to take on responsibility for organizing one or two of the cups (depending on the total number of participants).

The deadline for signing up for the Center Cup is April 26 th .

Center Cup dates 2013:

Friday 10.5
Friday 14.6
Friday 9.8
Friday 13.9
Saturday 21.9
Saturday 28.9

On Fridays the skipper’s meeting is at 17:00 and on Saturdays at 10:00. On Friday 13.9 we might need to start earlier due to early sun-set.

How to sign up for the series:
Send an e-mail to nina.rammschmidt(a) with the following information no later than April 26th (only one enrollment e-mail per team):
1) Skipper and team members’ full names and e-mail addresses
2) Skipper’s ISAF ID number (see instructions below)
3) Are any of the dates inconvenient for you?

Teams registered for the Center Cups will then be informed about which dates they will sail and which cup(s) they will be responsible for organizing.

A minimum of 8 teams are needed to run the series. We will allow a maximum of 12 teams to take part in the series, this way we can assure that each team will be able to compete at least in 3 races.

In order to compensate for fuel and to pay the membership fee for the match race union (which is required when taking part in any match race competition) there is a cost of 90 euros per team for taking part in the Center Cup series.

ISAF sailor ID registration
1) Go to
2) In the top right of the page, there’s a registration link
3) Fill in your personal details
4) There are quite a few questions related to your sailing career.
5) Submit your registration

Race organizing and support material available
Since the Center Cups will be Grade 5 competitions and included in ISAF world ranking system (Skipper’s can earn points and obtain a world ranking position), there are certain requirements for race organizing that has to be followed. Last year we created a package of support material, more detailed instructions, checklists, paring list tool etc. to help smooth up the organizing duty for inexperienced teams. This info-package will be posted online and distributed to participating teams.