Autumn activities ongoing at the Sailing Center

Autumn is approaching, but sailing continues actively at the Center! Our coached trainings for the different boats, L16, 606 and Elliott continue until late September. Sailors have had some rain, some sun, and some particularly gorgeous sunsets while on the water. Who said boats need to go up any sooner than maybe October?

Sailing Center members continue to participate in racing and organizing to the club’s Wednesday races, and a Center Cup for match race teams is running in August and September. Members of the Center have been competing also in the nationwide Sailing League, as well as various ranking and offshore racing activities. In the first weekend of September, the club’s traditional crayfish party race to the Getören is on, and a G4 match race competition will be held by the SC on 17-18.9. Stay tuned!



Sailing Season 2016 kicks off at the Center

Why is it worth spending time in a country with practically no sunlight for half of the year? Because you can spend the other half of the year sailing! (Well. We did sail during the winter too. Evidence here. But you know what we mean.) May is around the corner and this means that the new season is beginning at the Sailing Center!

Training schedule in summer 2016

There will be three different types of training at the Center this summer:

Monday: Laser 16 training from beginner level onwards (first training May 2)

Tuesday: Joint L16 & 606 fleet race training for more advanced sailors (first training May 3)

Thursday: Match race training with Elliotts (first training May 12)

The Monday and Tuesday trainings will be focused on boat handling, maneuvers and fleet race tactics. The Thursday trainings will be focusing on match racing tactics and teamwork.

Races and competitions for all levels

Wednesday races at the club level at HSS will be running again this summer. This is a great opportunity to join other boats of the club in a friendly fleet race. All sailing center boat classes are welcome and encouraged to participate. Also, volunteering to help organize the Wednesday races is a great way to learn more about sail racing.

Last season, Friday fun races were also organized by SC volunteers to end the week with a relaxed race and after-sail. That tradition will be probably continued this season too!

Teams from the Sailing Center will be participating in many other races throughout the season organized at HSS, throughout Finland and further abroad. There is also a match race Center Cup in planning for this season, so plenty of opportunities in both fleet and match racing for sailors of all levels!


Beginners’ sailing courses 2016 now open!

Have you always wanted to learn to basics of sailing? Or, have you maybe sailed on larger boats as crew but never had the chance to try skippering a smaller boat yourself? If your answer to either question is yes, the Sailing Center’s popular Beginner Courses could be just for you.

The price of a course is 250€. The courses are open to all,  and if you decide to join the Sailing Center after the course to further develop your skills, you will get a discount of 170€ from the center’s membership fee for season 2016.

Two weekend courses were done in May. There is another weekend course in June (4.-5.6.2016)!

Sign up for the beginners courses here

The beginners’ course will teach you the basics of sailing and boat handling with an expert coach. The course includes both theory of sailing and practice on the water. The teaching boat is Laser 16, a heavy dinghy that can be sailed by 2-4 persons. No previous sailing experience required – if you are interested, we recommend you try it out. Warning: you could get addicted.


Laser 16s in action in September 2015



Season 2016 at the Sailing Center

The sea may be still partly covered in ice, but planning for the Sailing Center’s season 2016 is well underway.

Before the season kicks off, there will be lectures on race tactics, team work, and boat handling. Check back for more information soon!

The Center boats will be put into the water during April and May, as soon as the weather allows. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet the sailing center members and learn about the boats.

In May a try-out day will be arranged at Liuskasaari for those interested in joining the Sailing Center. The day has been very popular and spots are limited, so stay tuned!

Coached trainings will start by June for all boat classes and the first races will be held already in May. For the 606s, the season’s ranking fleet races will kick off with the HSS Spring Cup on 28-29 May.

See you on the water!

Boxing day 2015 1

Boxing Day Race in sunny weather

The already traditional Boxing Day Race was sailed at the HSS Sailing Center on the 26th of December. This year the participants were treated with a beautiful, sunny day, with gusty and at times strong wind. Altogether 15 sailors participated, and several organizers helped make the race happen.

The competition was sailed with the Laser 16 boats as a match race, with two boats competing against each other at a time. There were some very close matches, and the shifting wind conditions kept the sailors alert at all times… The day provided entertainment not only to the participants, but also to the crowd watching from the shore! All matches were done by sunset, and the sailors and organizers were rewarded – naturally – by a warm sauna afterwards.

Boxing day 2

Photos: Fredrik Vaahtokari


Season 2015 at the HSS Sailing Center


We had again an active summer and autumn at the center. Following a hugely popular try-out day in May, two beginner sailing courses were held and many new members joined the center. Through the season we enjoyed coached trainings on a weekly basis and all of the classes enjoyed at least one coached training session. The Laser16s, 606s, Elliotts, and SM40s saw frequent use in both training and racing.

Crews from the center participated in club-wide events and races, such as the Wednesday races, Champagne regatta and the Rapujuhlarace to club island Getören. In addition, the center was represented in various external fleet and match race competitions, including the 606 Nationals and ranking races, the Hanko regatta, and match race events. A G4 match race competition hosted by the center and an expertly organized crayfish party made for a great conclusion of the season.

Thanks to everyone who made 2015 again a great season with their participation!


Moët & Chandon Match Cup results & video

This year’s Champagne Match Cup was sailed as part of the HSS Champagne Regatta. The event attracted over 500 visitors to the island offered spectacular racing right in front of Liuskasaari.

 video: Igor & Julia

Thanks to all our volunteers and their efforts The Match Cup itself was a great success and despite light and shifty winds the Racing Committee managed to run a full round robin and finals. On Saturday the competitors enjoyed a nice meal and drinks in the Western Shed.  Thanks go to our chief race officer Jerry Hultin and Anton Tuomisalo & Fredrika Kuuskoski for running the show and special thanks to all the umpires: Michael Röllich, Susanne Kuusansalo, Pekka Nuutilainen, Ville Niskanen & Eero Palomäki.

The results:

1. Tallberg
2. Kääpä
3. Knip
4. Laaksonen
5. Baraev
6. Kääriä
7. Karhu
8. Köchert
9. Swanson
10. Tuomisalo


Sailing Center Try Out Day gathered enormous interest

This year’s Try Out Day’s registration filled up in a record time. It took less than two hours for 150 people to sign up for the event!

The day itself, Saturday 9th of May, was very windy with quite big waves and an average wind strength of over 10 m/s. Not exactly the friendliest conditions for first-timers. The Sailing Center skippers and other helpers mastered the conditions and the participants returned from the water with big smiles! It was an exhilarating experience to say the least and we are very happy to have shared this day with so many nice people.

Click below to browse the photo gallery from the day. Photos by Esko Kilpi.


boxing day race

Season 2014 photo recap!

Spring is coming up and we’re also waking up from our winter slumber. The sailing fever is slowly kicking up again. We were too busy last autumn to post many updates, so now is a good to reminiscence last season’s events. Check below for a small chronological recap of season 2014. Many of our courses, including next spring’s beginners courses are already listed in the events, hope to see you in 2015!

Many of the photos were provided by Juha Haanperä and Esko Kilpi, thanks!

Overall race results (top 3) from season 2014:

SM40 Helatorstai G5
1. Juho Karhu
2. Kimmo Kääriä
3. Lauri Kääpä
Summer Cup G4 (Elliott 6m):
1. Jon Eriksson
2. Tusse Tallberg
3. Ville-Veikko Niskanen
Jacquart Match Cup G4:
1. Matthew Jerwood (AUS)
2. Tusse Tallberg
3. Matias Knip
Women's National Championships G3:
1. Martina Karlemo
2. Mikaela Fors
3. Daniela Rönnberg
SM40 Autumn G4:
1. Mati Sepp (EST)
2. Kimmo Kääriä
3. Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi
Elliott End of Season Race:
1. Rasmus Päivärinta
2. Juho Karhu
3. Matias Knip
Elliott 6m Center Cup overall ranking:
1. Juho Karhu
2. Lauri Kääpä
3. Ilya Baraev
Wednesday race Laser 16 overall ranking:
1. Lauri Jaakkola (also awarded together with his crew for being the most active Wednesday race participant)
2. Igor Ivanov
3. Henri Hätönen
Wednesday race 606 overall ranking:
1. Juho Karhu
2. Eero Palomäki
3. Jonas Roininen
Lauantai 5.7.2014 (kansi) Esko Kilpi

Sailing Center participated in Hanko Regatta 2014

cover photo by Esko Kilpi


Audi HSS Sailing Center participated in Hanko Regatta 2014 with two SM40 and three 606 boats. The results are found at hangoregattan.fi.


The first day at Hanko Regatta started with perfect weather conditions, sunshine and 5m/s wind which rise up to 8m/s during the second start.


A cold damp mist rose up from the water on Saturday morning forcing the race committee  to postpone the start. Eventually the AP flag came down and all boats headed to the race courses. Unfortunately half of the boats had to return because of the mist and lack of wind. The mist became even tighter and the wind died totally so after one start the other  half of the boats had to be towed to the harbor.

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (1)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (2) Esko Kilpiphoto by Esko Kilpi

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (4) photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (5)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (6)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (7)photo by Susanna Lumme

The main pier in the harbor was filled with celebrating people as the traditional masquerade between Audi HSS Sailing Center and NJK was in full steam. And for the first time in history the challenge trophy from Hanko Regatta will be spending the year at Audi HSS Sailing Center thanks to the Nunns and Monks of Team Kääriä.

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (8) Erik Lähteenmäki

photo by Erik Lähteenmäki

The congregation


The final day at the Hanko Regatta was sunny and windy. Because of the hard wind 6mR and 8mR classes did not sail at all on Sunday. All other classes were out enjoying the sunny but demanding sailing conditions.

Sunnuntai 6.7.2014 Esko Kilpiphoto by Esko Kilpi


Check more photos: