Moët & Chandon Match Cup results & video

This year’s Champagne Match Cup was sailed as part of the HSS Champagne Regatta. The event attracted over 500 visitors to the island offered spectacular racing right in front of Liuskasaari.

 video: Igor & Julia

Thanks to all our volunteers and their efforts The Match Cup itself was a great success and despite light and shifty winds the Racing Committee managed to run a full round robin and finals. On Saturday the competitors enjoyed a nice meal and drinks in the Western Shed.  Thanks go to our chief race officer Jerry Hultin and Anton Tuomisalo & Fredrika Kuuskoski for running the show and special thanks to all the umpires: Michael Röllich, Susanne Kuusansalo, Pekka Nuutilainen, Ville Niskanen & Eero Palomäki.

The results:

1. Tallberg
2. Kääpä
3. Knip
4. Laaksonen
5. Baraev
6. Kääriä
7. Karhu
8. Köchert
9. Swanson
10. Tuomisalo

wednesday race

Autumn season fee and beginners course coming up!

One more beginners course coming up! It’s not too late to get started this summer. The dates are 15.-16.8. Click here for more information. If you decide to join the Center after the course you will get a 200 euro discount on the membership fee. This means that an autumn membership (see below) and the beginners course cost 500 euros together.

The autumn season is starting! Over half of the season’s weekly coached training sessions will be held in the autumn. The autumn season fee is 450 euros and covers free use of our fleet of 22 boats and regular weekly training sessions. The sessions continue until mid-October and the boats can be sailed until the ice comes. Sign up here and see more information about the membership here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Send an email to sc@hss-segel.fi and we’ll get right back to you :)


Sailing Center Try Out Day gathered enormous interest

This year’s Try Out Day’s registration filled up in a record time. It took less than two hours for 150 people to sign up for the event!

The day itself, Saturday 9th of May, was very windy with quite big waves and an average wind strength of over 10 m/s. Not exactly the friendliest conditions for first-timers. The Sailing Center skippers and other helpers mastered the conditions and the participants returned from the water with big smiles! It was an exhilarating experience to say the least and we are very happy to have shared this day with so many nice people.

Click below to browse the photo gallery from the day. Photos by Esko Kilpi.


boxing day race

Season 2014 photo recap!

Spring is coming up and we’re also waking up from our winter slumber. The sailing fever is slowly kicking up again. We were too busy last autumn to post many updates, so now is a good to reminiscence last season’s events. Check below for a small chronological recap of season 2014. Many of our courses, including next spring’s beginners courses are already listed in the events, hope to see you in 2015!

Many of the photos were provided by Juha Haanperä and Esko Kilpi, thanks!

Overall race results (top 3) from season 2014:

SM40 Helatorstai G5
1. Juho Karhu
2. Kimmo Kääriä
3. Lauri Kääpä
Summer Cup G4 (Elliott 6m):
1. Jon Eriksson
2. Tusse Tallberg
3. Ville-Veikko Niskanen
Jacquart Match Cup G4:
1. Matthew Jerwood (AUS)
2. Tusse Tallberg
3. Matias Knip
Women's National Championships G3:
1. Martina Karlemo
2. Mikaela Fors
3. Daniela Rönnberg
SM40 Autumn G4:
1. Mati Sepp (EST)
2. Kimmo Kääriä
3. Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi
Elliott End of Season Race:
1. Rasmus Päivärinta
2. Juho Karhu
3. Matias Knip
Elliott 6m Center Cup overall ranking:
1. Juho Karhu
2. Lauri Kääpä
3. Ilya Baraev
Wednesday race Laser 16 overall ranking:
1. Lauri Jaakkola (also awarded together with his crew for being the most active Wednesday race participant)
2. Igor Ivanov
3. Henri Hätönen
Wednesday race 606 overall ranking:
1. Juho Karhu
2. Eero Palomäki
3. Jonas Roininen