Lauantai 5.7.2014 (kansi) Esko Kilpi

Sailing Center participated in Hanko Regatta 2014

cover photo by Esko Kilpi


Audi HSS Sailing Center participated in Hanko Regatta 2014 with two SM40 and three 606 boats. The results are found at


The first day at Hanko Regatta started with perfect weather conditions, sunshine and 5m/s wind which rise up to 8m/s during the second start.


A cold damp mist rose up from the water on Saturday morning forcing the race committee  to postpone the start. Eventually the AP flag came down and all boats headed to the race courses. Unfortunately half of the boats had to return because of the mist and lack of wind. The mist became even tighter and the wind died totally so after one start the other  half of the boats had to be towed to the harbor.

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (1)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (2) Esko Kilpiphoto by Esko Kilpi

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (4) photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (5)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (6)photo by Susanna Lumme

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (7)photo by Susanna Lumme

The main pier in the harbor was filled with celebrating people as the traditional masquerade between Audi HSS Sailing Center and NJK was in full steam. And for the first time in history the challenge trophy from Hanko Regatta will be spending the year at Audi HSS Sailing Center thanks to the Nunns and Monks of Team Kääriä.

Lauantai 5.7.2014 (8) Erik Lähteenmäki

photo by Erik Lähteenmäki

The congregation


The final day at the Hanko Regatta was sunny and windy. Because of the hard wind 6mR and 8mR classes did not sail at all on Sunday. All other classes were out enjoying the sunny but demanding sailing conditions.

Sunnuntai 6.7.2014 Esko Kilpiphoto by Esko Kilpi


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DHL partnership with Audi HSS Sailing Center renewed

Audi HSS Sailing Center is very pleased to announce that our long-term Elliott 6m corporate partner DHL has decided to continue the mutually beneficial partnership! It is very encouraging to notice that there are still companies out there who believe in the future and are brave enough to make investments and commitments despite the current challenging environment – we are convinced that these will emerge as winners in the long run! The match is also quite perfect as many might have noticed that the members at the sailing center are not either afraid of delivering in challenging conditions. The DHL corporate partnership with the Audi HSS Sailing Center has continued since 2011.

kuva a

Sailing Center runs new races this summer!

Audi HSS Sailing Center is hosting two new races this summer. The SM40 G5 Helatorstai Race on Thursday, May 29th and Jacquart Match Cup 2014 on 9.-10.8.2014.


SM40 G5 Helatorstai Race

SM40 G5 Helatorstai Race will be sailed with SM40s on Thursday 29th May. Request invitation by commenting in FB-event or emailing


Jacquart Match Cup 2014

Sailing Center is organizing a parallel race “Jacquart Match Cup 2014” to the fourth edition of the Champagne Regatta “The Jacquart Baltic Classic Master Cup 2014”.


The Jacquart Match Cup 2014 will be sailed with Elliots and the Match Race area is right outside of the HSS clubhouse in front of enthusiastic spectators. The regatta dates are Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of August.

Please join us for a spectacular race and parties – with Champagne!


More information on both races in Facebook and on Events page.

Try Out Day 10.5.2014

Try Out Day was a succes

Over 100 visitors came to hear about Audi HSS Sailing Center and to try our boats for free.

Audi HSS Sailing Center arranged a Try Out Day in cooperation with Skiffer Liuskaluoto restaurant on Saturday May 10th. For beginners and sailors alike, participants didn’t need any previous sailing experience to join. This was a great opportunity to get to know about basic courses, fleet and match race trainings and other activities at Sailing Center.

The Try Out day started with a thick fog, which luckily turned into sunshine around 14 in the afternoon. The day was a success and about 100 people got a chance to try sailing, many for the very first time. All classes of the Sailing Center were out – SM40, Elliott 6m, 606 and Laser 16. The wind was very easy in the morning and afternoon, only 3 m/s. All participants had the chance to enjoy the after sail at Skiffer Liuskaluoto restaurant with special Try-out day treatment and prices.

The camera crew of Merimaili was filming the Try Out Day and interviewed Sailing Center members and the Try Out Day participants on board and on shore for their TV-episode about boating and on water sports. The first screening is shown on JIM on Saturday May 17th at 08:20 and a rerun on Sunday May 18th at 08:20. You can find the series from last summer at where this summer’s series will be repeated also.

This was the third year when Sailing Center organized the test day, and judging from the smiles on the faces, this tradition will continue also next year. Huge thanks to the skippers and on shore volunteer organizers!

Check the photos from the Try Out Day 2014.

Try Out Day (2)


Still room on different courses – sign up now!

There is still room on Beginner course #2 on 31.5.-1.6.2014 and on Match Race course on 24.-25.5.2014. You have a great opportunity to explore this awesome sport and other activities at Sailing Center. Registration for courses can be done on Events page.

And of course we would like to welcome you as members! Audi HSS Sailing Center gives you the possibility to sail throughout the year without having to invest in your own boat.
You don’t need to be an experienced sailor to join, that we can take care of afterwards. As a member you will have the opportunity to sail as much as you wish with our fleet of different boats. To get you started, you also get a nice discount for sailing gear at Navy Blue Shop in Lauttasaari and also at Henri Lloyd Store on Kasarminkatu. And of course you get the membership prices at Skiffer Liuskaluoto and HSS restaurant at the club house. Check Join us! for more information.

You can always find us (+ some photos from the Try Out Day) on Facebook and the Sailing Center Member’s Agora.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. That’s why we’re here for, in addition to sailing.

Come to sail, meet people and have fun with us!


Beginners course registrations now open

These courses are intended for people with little or no previous sailing experience. Courses are held using our Laser 16 dinghies, which are crewed by 3-4 persons. After the course you have learned the basics of sailing and rigging of the boat. If you choose to join the Center you will be then ready to take part in our coached Friday beginner trainings. After a couple more training sessions, depending on your confidence, you will be able to apply for Laser 16 skipper rights and go out sailing on your own anytime you like.

This course requires no prerequisities. Questions during the course can be answered in both English and Finnish.

The price of the course is:

– 50 € for members of Audi HSS Sailing Center
– 250 € for non-members

If you decide to join us as a member after the weekend you can deduct the 200 € from the membership fee (normally 595 €). If you have any questions please send an email to, we’d be happy to help you!





Registration for new members for season 2014 is now open!

Interested in sailing? Join us! Registration for season 2014 is now open. We have four different fleets tailored for different skill levels. For sailors with no racing experience, or no sailing experience at all, there is a path to get and improve sailing skills. Coached training, races and social events… Check the Join Us! page for more information and prices. If you’re a beginner you to can attend one of our beginners courses before deciding join. If you do join the two day course will end up costing you only 50 euros! If you already know the basics of sailing and are interested in match racing consider the Match Intro course.


Spring 2014 Lecture Series (free) – sign up now!

Jäiden sulamista odotellessa, Audi HSS Sailing Center järjestää neljä luentoa kevään 2014 aikana. Luennot pidetään pääsääntöisesti suomeksi, mutta kysymyksiä voi esittää myös englanniksi tai ruotsiksi. Luennot pidetään HSS:n klubihuoneella Liuskasaarella. Luennoitsijoina toimivat pitkäaikaiset valmentajamme Pasi Palmu ja Ville Väresmaa.

Luennot alkavat kello 18:00 ja kestävät noin kaksi tuntia.

Before the ice melts, Audi HSS Sailing Center organises four lectures during spring 2014. The lectures are mainly in Finnish, but you can ask questions also in English or Swedish. The lectures will be held at HSS club house on Liuskasaari. Lectures are held by our long time coaches Pasi Palmu and Ville Väresmaa.

Lectures start at 18:00 and last for about two hours.

  • 25.3.2014 – Rules – Fleet and Match Race and their differences. FB-event
  • 1.4.2014 – Tactics – Fleet Race start and on course. FB-event
  • 8.4.2014 – Tactics – Match Race start and on course. FB-event
  • 22.4.2014 – Trimming. FB-event