Sailing introduction courses for beginners

We will organize sailing introduction courses for beginners. During the weekend course you will learn all the basics you need to start sailing with us. No previous sailing experience needed but for your safety swimming ability is required. The course will be held using our Laser 16 boats.

During the spring you can choose from two weekends 25.-26.5. or 1.-2.6.

The price of the weekend is:

50e for members of Audi HSS Sailing Center
250e for non-members. If you decide to join us as a member after the weekend you can deduct the 200 euros from the 515 euro membership fee. Read more about our membership.
Click on the date to sign up:


Starter-kit infopackage for Audi HSS Sailing Center Members

Our sites and groups 


What the Sailing Center is for

Audi HSS Sailing Center is a subdivision of the HSS Sailing Club that is dedicated to providing the best training, equipment and atmosphere for both experienced sailors as well as beginners who wants to learn the sport. The Sailing Center includes Match Race as well as Fleet Race activities. For Sailors with no racing experience, or no sailing experience at all, there is a path to get and improve sailing skills.

Previously the center used to be called Audi HSS Match Race Center, but as we cater to both match racing and fleet racing we have renamed ourselves to HSS Sailing Center, or SC for short. How to become a member You become a member by applying for membership by filling a form and then paying the membership fee.


  • 325 EUR for members 19 years or below
  • 355 EUR for members 20-25 years
  • 455 EUR for members 26-29 years
  • 515 EUR for members 30 years and over

All prices include HSS membership (which is compulsory for all Audi HSS Sailing Center members) and free use of the ferry from mainland to HSS.

As the Sailing Center operates solely by volunteer work, we rely on our members helping out. All members are recommended to participate in talkoo / boat maintenance events (at least 3 times / season). Not participating in at least three events will cost an extra of 180 EUR in membership fee. The events for 2013 are:

  • boats in the water 20.4., 21.4., 27.4. and 28.4. (each day equals one talkoo-point
  • skippering in Laser 16 beginner sailors’ intro course 25.5., 26.5., 1.6. and 2.6. (each day equals one talkoo-point)
  • coordinating SM40 transfers Helsinki-Hanko-Helsinki for the Hanko regatta (race on 5.-7.7.)
  • participating in a wash&fix talkoo event for any of the four boat types (these to be informed later)
  • participating in the organization of the 606 Nationals 30.8.-1.9.
  • participating in the organization of the Match Racing Open Nationals 6.-8.9.
  • organizing the end of season party for the evening of 5.10.
  • boats out of water 12.10., 13.10., 19.10. and 20.10. (each day equals one talkoo-point) What membership includes

Your membership covers access to our fleet, weekly trainings given by professional sailing instructors, lectures, events and lots of racing activities.

In a nut-shell:

  • Unlimited use of our fleet of 22 boats. When the boats are not in use you can use them as much as you want to practice in the area near HSS.
  • 17-18 weeks of professional instruction on sailing and racing. By attending once a week you get over 60 hours of instruction!
  • Plenty of race activities, See our calendar for training and racing schedules:
  • Social activities with like-minded peers
  • HSS member offers such as discounts on sailing gear, discounts at specified restaurants, and the use of HSS islands Andö (Inkoo) and Getören (Porvoo). See for more details.

Audi HSS Sailing Center offers four different fleets tailored for different levels.

As a member you have a right to use these fleets depending on your skill level.
As a member you have four completely different boat types available.

  • Laser 16 (8 boats)
    • designed in 1986
    • 5 meters and 250 kg
    • sailed by 2 or 3 persons
    • popular in sailing schools as it is fairly easy to maneuver but suits also more developed sailors.
    • the aim of the Laser 16 fleet is learning to sail and perfecting basic maneuvers and boat speed as well as basics of racing
    • instructed training on Mondays, see calendar on our website for more details
  • 606 (6 boats)
    • designed in 1969 by the Swedish legend Pelle Petterson
    • 6,06 meters and 555kg
    • sailed by 2 or 3 persons
    • Has an active one-design class operating in Finland, ie plenty of racing opportunities even outside HSS
    • HSS racing especially on Wednesdays at the HSS Wednesday races.
    • the aim of the 606 fleet is to learn and develop fleet racing skills and tactics
    • instructed training on Tuesdays, see calendar on our website for more details
  • Elliott 6m (6 boats)
    • designed by the New Zealander Greg Elliott
    • 6 meters and 635 kg
    • sailed by 3 persons
    • sailed in the 2012 Olympics Womens Match Race
    • the aim of the Elliott fleet is to learn and develop match racing skills and tactics
    • instructed training on Thursdays, see calendar on our website for more details
  • SM40 (2 boats)
    • Designed by Pelle Petterson
    • 12 meters and 3760 kg
    • sailed by 5 or 6 persons
    • the SM40 fleet is meant for the more experienced racers and aims to further develop your match racing skills and tactics
    • instructed training on Fridays, this training requires a separate application to sign-up and has an additional fee that includes also two races.

What kind of training is available

We have top of the class sailing instructors: Pasi Palmu, Ville Väresmaa ja Sam Öhman.

During the season there are around 17-18 weeks of training with an instructor. Instructed weekly trainings are included in the price of the membership (except SM40).

You are advised to pick one fleet to start with and partake in that fleet’s training, but of course you may/should occasionally train with other boats too, especially if you are more developed as a sailor.

  • Mondays – Laser 16, learning to sail and perfecting basic maneuvers and boat speed as well as basics of racing
  • Tuesdays – 606, learn and develop fleet racing skills and tactics.
  • Wednesdays – no training, HSS raceday
  • Thursdays – Elliott 6m, learn and develop match racing skills and tactics.
  • Fridays – SM40 (separate program)

Fleet racers benefit from match racing and match racers benefit from fleet racers, so don’t limit yourself to sailing one boat class, especially if you are more skilled as a sailor. For example, 606 training puts more effort on boat speed whereas Elliott training puts more effort on (match) race tactics.

RULES for training

  • to participate, you need to have booked a place from the booking system
  • to ensure everyone has an equal chance in participating in the weekly trainings book yourself only in two trainings at any one given time (ie don’t go and book yourself to every Thursday Elliott training for the rest of the year at the beginning of the season).
  • take part in one training session per week in general. If there are not many boats booked, you can book yourself in a second training on another day that week if you wish, but please be courteous and give way if the boats become more booked and others wish to book a place
  • if you book a place in training, attend in that training. Don’t ever pull a no show and don’t cancel your booking less than 48 hours before training. This applies both to booking a boat as it does to booking yourself as a crew member on a boat. Firstly cancelling participation as crew means the other crew members can’t sail either – you can’t sail a boat without the needed amount of crew. Secondly, cancelling a boat means that boat is not likely going to be booked and especially in match racing (where it is one boat against another) this is a problem. Of course there are times when there is some sort of emergency at home or at work and you must cancel, but it is your job to find a replacement – pick up the phone and start calling for a replacement, and don’t stop until you either find one or you have done everything possible to find one. Phone numbers for all members can be found in the booking system.
  • show up on time, in gear and ready to go. If training starts at eg 1740, usually it means you have to be dressed in your gear and the boat has to be ready to sail
  • show up sober. This should be pretty self-explanatory.

In addition to weekly trainings there are also other instructed trainings available. These take place mainly as weekend courses (see calendar). Two types of weekend courses have been scheduled so far 1) beginner introductions to sailing and 2) match racing introduction. These courses have a separate fee and sign-up process that will be communicated closer to the course to all members via email and/or Facebook pages.

If you and your team want additional training with the trainers, ask the trainers. They are happy to provide private training or training for several teams. If you really want to develop, don’t be afraid to utilize this opportunity.

How do I get started

Pay your membership fee. You automatically get booking rights to crew spots on any boat.

If you unsure about what boat to start with or what level sailor you are, start with Laser 16, it’s good practice even for the more experienced sailors.

Booking boats starts in the spring when the boats are in the water, so don’t get ahead of yourself if the season has not started yet. Once you get the login info for the booking system ( you will see that it is pretty easy to use.

  • On the top left is the selector for boat type.
  • click on the day and time of your choosing and make a booking
  • -once you are done, you will return to the calendar view, on the top there is a menu. Under reports you can see your boat use and a skippers can see a list of any unfilled reports.

If you want rights to skipper these boats fill in a skipper rights request form: (can be found on our website). Familiarize yourself with the boats before applying for skipper rights – as once you are a skipper you have more responsibilities.

As a rule of thumb, you should be at the following levels for skipper rights

  • Laser 16, you have experience as a crew member in this boat, you know the basics of sailing and can maneuver the boat with some confidence, you are able to sail the boat safely in and out of the harbor without an instructor/motorboat, you can handle special situations such a capsized boat.
  • 606 and Elliott, you have experience as crew member in these boats, you have sufficient sailing experience to sail this boat with confidence in any situation, you know at least the basics of the rules of racing (“when boats meet”)
  • SM40, you have experience as crew member in these boats, you are an experienced sailing racer and you have experience with handling 12 meter, 4 ton beauties like this – it’s not the same as handling a 6 meter, 600 kg boat.
  • all skippers are expected to know their boats and to be able to do minor repairs to them
  • skippers take responsibility for the boat (see what you agree to as part of the request process), in case of damage this means money.

How do I start racing?

  • Laser 16, ask your trainer for advice.
  • 606, gather a team or take part in a team and race on Wednesdays
  • Elliott 6m, gather a team or take part in a team and sign up for the center cup series:
  • SM40: sign up for the SM40 series by shouting out here:
  • Other match races

Ask your trainers and fellow racers for more info on racing.

Sailing as a service – Purjehdusta palveluna

Purjehdusta palveluna = ilman tarvetta investoida omaan veneeseen

Purjehdusta ei ole palveluna tässä laajuudessa missään muualla Suomessa

Develop as a sailor

  • Audi HSS Sailing Centerillä on tarjota jotain kaikentasoisille purhjehtijoille, olit sitten kokenut kilpapurjehtija tai kaupunkilainen, joka ei ole koskaan astunutkaan purjeveneeseen.
  • Tällaisessa ammattivalmentajien ohjaamassa kilpailumuotoisessa purjehdusharrastuksessa kehityt nopeammin purjehtijana kuin missään muualla.
  • Tästä syystä toiminta sopii erinomaisesti täydennykseksi myös teille, joilla on jo kenties oma vene
  • Ketään ei jätetä yksin ja porukassa tekeminen tukee kehittymistä

A part of LIFE – purjehdus osana arkea

  • purjehtia voi muulloinkin kuin heinäkuussa
  • purjehdusharrastuksen ei tarvitse vaatia sitä, että varataan pitkiä viikonloppuja tai viikkoja sitä varten, että päästään purjehtimaan
  • ei sen tarvitse olla edes kovin aikaa vievä harrastus – onnistuu vaikka kotona olisi kaksi taaperoa
  • kun sijainti on Helsingin keskusta – Kaivopuisto, et tarvitse autoa harrastaaksesi purjehdusta.
  • keskustassa asuvalle arki-illan treenit tarkoittavat, että lähdet kotoa klo 16 ja olet kotona klo 21. Samassa ajassa et ehtisi edes pelata kierrosta golfia.
  • kisatkin järjestetään useimmiten iltakisoina tai korkeintaan päivän kisoina, joten aktiivinen harrastaminen ei edellytä, että kesäviikonloput on pakko viettää merellä.

Why settle for one? Miksi tyytyä yhteen?

  • oman veneen omistajana joudut puntaroimaan eri veneluokkia ja tekemään kompromisseja veneen ominaisuuksissa.
  • meillä saat yhdellä ja samalla jäsenmaksulla neljä täysin erilaista venettä
  • Laser 16, vuonna 1986 suunniteltu 5 metrinen, 250kg vene. 2 tai 3 purjehdittava. Suosittu purjehduskouluissa, sillä se on melko helppo purjehdittava, mutta mahdollistaa kehittymisen pitkällekin.
  • 606 – ruotsalaislegenda Pelle Pettersonin vuonna 1969 suunnittelema vene. 6,06 metriä, 555kg. 2 tai 3 purjehdittava. Veneellä on Suomessakin aktiivista luokkatoimintaa, eli kilpailutoimintaa on yllin kyllin. Meillä erityisesti fleet kilpailemiseen.
  • Elliott 6m – Uusi Seelantilaiset Greg Elliottin suunnittelema 6 metrinen 635kg vene. 3 purjehdittava, 2012 Olympialaisten Naiste Match Race vene. Sopii erityisesti match race veneeksi.
  • SM40 – Pelle Petterson suunnittelema 12m, 3760kg vene. 5 tai 6 purjehdittava. Mainio match race vene – America’s Cup henkeä.

Top-class instructors. Huippuvalmennusta.

  • valmentajakaarti on Suomen parhaimmistoa: Pasi Palmu, Ville Väresmaa ja Sam Öhman
  • kauden aikana on 17-18 viikkoa täynnä valmennusta. Saat siis vähintään 17-18 iltaa lähivalmennusta. Jo se yksinään on koko jäsenmaksun arvoista.
  • maanantaisin L16, veneenkäsittelytaitojen hiomista, helppo tapa päästä mukaan kilpapurjehdukseen ilman taustaa tai vähäisellä taustalle. Eikä oo treeninä ihan turhaa kokeneemmallekaan.
  • Tiistaisin 606 fleet race treeniä. Venevauhdin optimointia ja fleet taktiikkaa
  • keskiviikko HSS kisapäivä
  • torstaisin Elliott match race treeniä. Match race taktiikkaa ja veneen käsittelyä.
  • perjantaisin erilliset SM40 match race treenit kokeneille Match Race joukkueille – kahdet HSS:n ja NJK:n kilpailut, joihin taitoja hiotaan.
  • Parhaiten kehittyy purjehtimalla erilaisilla veneillä, sekä fleettiä että matchiä.

Racing – kilpailutoiminta

  • -fleet race – perinteinen kilpailumuoto.
    • joukko veneitä, jotka kilpailevat siitä kuka on nopein. Useimmiten venevauhti ratkaisee.
    • tässä tapauksessa one-design fleet racing, eli veneet ovat identtisiä. Valtaosa Olympiapurjehdusta edustaa tätä kilpailumuotoa.
  • match race – kahden veneen mittelöinti
    • venevauhdin lisäksi taktiikan tärkeys korostuu, sillä tärkeintä on pitää toinen vene takanaan. Jossain mielessä vähän niin kuin shakkia merellä.
    • Ehkä kuuluisin match race kilpailu on America’s Cup.
  • -tulevalla kaudella
    •  keskiviikkoiltaisin fleet kisat
    • 6 center cup match race kilpailua Elliott, pääosin arki-iltoina
    • 2 SM40 match race kilpailua
    • Match Racen avoiment SM kilpailut
    • 606 SM kilpailut (fleet)
    • Hangon regatta (fleet)

Working together

  • -Yhdessä tekemisen meininki
  • -mukavaa harrastaa yhdessä muiden kanssa
  • -veneiden kunnossapito sujuu helposti yhdessä, kun työmäärä jakaantuu yli sadan jäsenen kesken – oman veneen kanssa keväät ja syksyt täytyy varata veneen kunnostushommiin, kun työ kasaantuu yhden tai kahden harteille.


  • -jostain syystä tämän lajin pariin valikoituu vain ”hyviä tyyppejä”
  • -näinpä purjehduksen ohessa on tarjolla myös mukavaa sosiaalista toimintaa samanmielisten kesken

Unlimited opportunities

  • tätä kautta pääsee helposti purjehduksen pariin ja voi jatkaa juuri niin pitkälle ja syvälle kuin itse haluaa.
  • HSS:llä muun muassa aktiivinen klassikkofleetti 5ia, 6ia ja 8ja, joka tarvitsee usein gasteja. Muutenkin gastipulassa käännytään usein Sailing Centerin jäsenten puoleen…
  • …ja harrastuksen voit viedä juuri niin pitkälle kuin itse haluat.
  • Silja Lehtinen, Mikaela Wulff ja Silja Kanerva treenasivat 2012 olympialaisiin juuri näillä samaisilla Elliott veneillä


  • oveneiden vapaa käyttö – varauskalenteriin vaan nimi. Noin 150 jäsentä, eli veneitä aina vapaana ja helppo saada purjehduskaveri mukaan
  • 17-18 viikkoa valmennusta kaudessa = kerran viikossa käymällä saat noin 60 tuntia valmennusta!
  • Kilpailutoimintaa ja sosiaalista toimintaa
  • HSS jäsenedut, mm. ravintola-alennuksia, alennusta purjehdusvarusteista, HSS saarten käyttö Andö (Inkoo) ja Getören (Porvoo).


  • Sailing as a servicen kiteyttää aika tehokkaasti se, että tällä hinnalla saat omaan veneeseesi ehkä muutaman vinssikammen.



It’s time to kick-off season 2013 for Audi HSS Sailing Center! As we cater to both match racing and fleet racing we have renamed ourselves: what was previously Audi HSS Match Race Center is now Audi HSS Sailing Center, or SC for short.

To keep up with the latest info and discussions follow what happens in Facebook. Our fan-page is here: and a group for all our members is here:

The schedule for the whole of season 2013 is now ready, so start making reservations in your calendar booking system for boats will be launched closer to the start of the season, so don’t book boats yet.

A few upcoming events from the calendar: free open lectures on racing and tactics (note that tomorrow’s lecture 19.3. has been cancelled, so the first one is on 26.3.), an umpirecourse, and a free try out day for all our boats. See

Membership invoicing will be sent to you in a few days. Prices are the same as last year Note that there is no beginner/match race programs, just different fleets which you can utilize according to your interests and level of sailing. If you wish to cancel your membership please let us know here:

Match racing Elliott Center Cups will be starting soon after the boats are in the water, sign up by 26.4.

There is a new match racing program for the SM40s. Check it out here:

Looking for team members to sail with? Join us at the single sailor’s night on 9.4.

If you have friends interested in joining us as members, ask them to put you as a referrer in the membership request form. We will be setting up a referral rewards system of some sort – more info on this soon. Forward the membership form to your friends:

Remember that if you don’t wish to pay 180 euros extra for membership you need to participate in 3 talkoo-events (“Talkoo” is Finnish for voluntary). This year’s talkoo-events are listed here

Our website has a new address too

Are you interested in helping us out with the member communications for the Sailing Center? If you are, let me know 0440740078.

Best regards,


Audi HSS Sailing Center, chairman

FULLY BOOKED: Icebreaker center cup – SM 40 – 20th of October @HSS MRC.

HSS Match race center welcomes teams to the last but not least event of the season. The goal of this match race event is to have heaps of fun and say goodbye to the sailing season when the wind turns cold and the snow starts to fly. We are having also end of season party so keep tuned for the invitation. Brief introduction to the SM 40 fleet -> . Event also in FB -> .

Note: Race is fully booked now. No more registrations please. Attending teams are:

Team Keräilyerä, skipper Susanna Kukkonen.
Team Rekonen, Skipper Rekonen Matti-Pekka.
Team Öhman, Skipper Sam Öhman.
Team Laikka, Skipper Lauri Kääpä
Team Navy1, Skipper Eki Heinonen.
Team Normet Match Race Team, Skipper Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi.

HSS Match race center. Our official website is . Ferry timetable in October can be found here .


Pairing list can be found here .

The event will be applied for ISAF Grade 5. This grading is subject to review by the ISAF Match Race Rankings Sub Committee. The events may be re-graded when there is clear reason to do so.

3.1 (a) Race office is open on race day from 8:00 until the skippers meeting.
(b) Registration at the race office which is open as described in 4.1 (a)
(c) Briefing at 9:00 on racing day in HSS West-shed.
(d) First meeting with umpires following the first briefing.
(e) Time of the first warning signal will be 10:30
(f) Time of the last warning signal on Saturday will be 16:30.
(g) Prize giving : as soon as possible after the last race.


(a) Up to 6 teams will be invited for this event. Only skippers invited by the OA will be eligible to enter these events.
(b) The registered skipper shall helm the boat at all times while racing, except in an emergency, when anyone else may helm the boat.
(c) To remain eligible a skipper shall confirm acceptance of invitation in writing, (e-mail to is acceptable) to be received by the 1st of October 2012.

5. Entry Fee

A non-refundable entry fee of 100 Euros shall be paid in advance which covers entry into the events. The deadline for receiving payment into organizer account is 1st of October 2012

6. Damage deposit

(a) The skipper shall have a valid damage deposit of 800 Euros submitted (cash) at the latest upon registration, unless extended by the OA. Skippers have signed and send deposit form before race. Deposit form can be found here -> .


(a) The event will be sailed in SM 40 type boats.

(b) 4 boats will be provided.

(c) The following sails will be provided for each boat:
Mainsail, Jib, Genoa, asymmetric Spinnaker.

(d) Boats will be allocated by draw as decided by the Race Committee.


(a) The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be 4 or 5. All registered crew shall sail all races. When a registered crew member is unable to continue in the event the OA may authorise a substitute, a temporary substitute or other adjustment.


(a) The event will consist of the following stages for event day:

Stage 1 –Round Robin, depending on the number of registered competitors
Stage 2 – Semi – Final
Stage 3 – Final, Petit Final
– Finals where the winner is the skipper who first scores 2 point
– Petit Finals where the winner is the skipper first to score 1 point


(a) The course will be windward/leeward with starboard roundings, finishing downwind.

(b) The intended course area will be right outside the of the HSS Liuskasaari.

11. End of season party

HSS match race center is celebrating the sailing season 2012. Here’s the invitation -> . In order for us to arrange the optimal party experience for you, please help us by registering ahead of time. Please sign up as soon as possible and no later than Saturday, October 13th.

12. Sauna

Sauna is also warn after the race so take your bathing gear along.

More info about the event, or +358505509006.


1. Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi 4p

2. Eki Heinonen 3p

3. Lauri Kääpä 3p

4. Susanna Kukkonen 3p

5. Sam Öhman 2 p

6. Matti Rekonen 0p

HSS MRC Elliott End of Season Race

Date: Saturday 6 October

Place: HSS, Liuskasaari

The race is open to all; men/women, HSS MRC members/non-members.
Maximum number of participants is 8 teams.

If there is more teams wanting to participate than 8, then we use limits of 6-7 HSS teams and 1-2 NJK (or other) teams. We will apply these limits with first come first serve -principle, while reserving the right to use discretion based on the ISAF-ranking of the team, and on how actively the team has participated in the maintenance and other activities related to the HSS Elliott fleet.

Weight limit: 262,5 kg (the number of crew is open)
Boats: 6 Elliott 6m boats

The competitors will organize and referee the race themselves.

Fee: 100 euro to be paid in cash at the skippers’ meeting. If the crew is not present, the fee is payable anyways (we know where you live, and if we don’t, we’ll find out).

The invitation to the event has to be requested the latest by 1st October,
by sending mail to juuso.leivonen(at)

The list of participants will be published on Wed 3rd October.
The programme:


  • Over to Skifferholmen


  • Skippers’ meeting


  • Half of teams to rig the boats
  • Buoy crew to take out buoys
  • Starting vessel crew to set up starting vessel
  • Referees to set up their boats


  • 1st start


  • Last start


  • Boats back on docks
  • Elliott cleaning
  • Starting vessel crew cleaning vessel
  • Last referees to gas and clean ref boats


  • Sauna


  • Sun sets


  • Pizza, beer and good excuses

The format of the race is a full round robin if 6-7 teams. If 8 teams, the teams will be divided in two groups and the best two of groups will sail RR two. Places 5 and 7 will be sailed in the 10th flight of the day.

For more information: Juuso Leivonen, juuso.leivonen(at)

Introductory offer for the rest of the season 2012

Wish to sail at HSS Match Race Center before winter?

We offer access to our fleet for the rest of the season 2012 with introductory fee of 100 EUR (ferry ticket does not include). The offer is valid from 7th of September 2012 until the rest of the season 2012.

The season will continue until mid October, but please note that there is no more coached Wednesday trainings with Elliotts and also coached trainings with SM40s are going to end after week 37.

We have boats out of water -talkoo on Saturday 20th of October, 10 am onwards. The goal of the day is unrigging and taking to land at least all Laser 16 boats and probably four Elliots. Participation to this event is warmly recommended.
After unrigging and taking boats out of water the event will continue with sauna and the End of the Season Party. More info about the party available soon, so stay tuned!

Please fill out the registration form here.

Special offer for the rest of the season

Click here to start sailing with HSS Audi Match Race Center

It’s not too late to start sailing in season 2012! Join as a member now and receive your membership for the rest of this season with 40% discount!

Your membership covers:

access to our fabulous fleet
coached weekly training
inspiring lectures and events
There are two sailing programmes; beginner programme for sailors with limited experience in sail racing and match racing programme for more experienced sailors.

Pricing with 40% discount:

258 EUR (July/August/September/October) for members below 30 years
(includes ferry ticket worth 60 EUR + HSS Membership)
303 EUR (July/August/September/October) for members 30 years and over
(includes ferry ticket worth 60 EUR + HSS Membership)
201 EUR (July/August/September/October) for existing HSS members